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I wish I knew who took this picture, and I REALLY wish I knew this couple. I can only imagine how much fun this reception was!

Skip has a really funny sense of humor and stumbled across this today. He totally wants to do something like this for our wedding. I’m not quite sold.

Although, I could be down with some of the “trash the dress” fun stuff like jumping into a lake or pool…but only if I only paid $5.00 for it.

An adventure wedding has always appealed to me and I envy those awesome couples who get married on a mountaintop after backpacking up. We have several amazing places on the estate that would be perfect for an “adventure” ceremony, but the hike is seriously  not for the faint of heart, and most likely my dress would be a mess by the time we got there. Logistically for our guests, it may just not be an option unless we pack our clothes and change before the vows and then pack our guests down on ATV’s.

I’ve seen some cool rock climbing wedding shots, which would be really cute and fun…actually climbing in a wedding dress, now that would look cool. Not exactly sure how I’d explain to the dress tailor to make that work though.

Maybe Skip’s idea of goofy masks is the best idea…

Any couples out there want to share their fun and outrageous wedding photos or ideas?! I’d love to hear your stories!! Comment below 🙂

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