Paying It Forward


Paying It Forward

Be The Change

From a very young age, I was a champion for whatever cause I felt passionately about. In Kindergarten, my friend Charlie wasn’t allowed to have chocolate milk. In my child-sized mind, this was an injustice of the worst sort to be deprived of this nectar from the heavens, so I of course shared mine with him. He became hooked. Bad. It then became apparent why Charlie’s parents didn’t allow him to indulge thus as his behavior took a nose dive right into daily trips to the principal’s office. My sweet mother used this as a teachable moment and guided me into more constructive uses of my championing of causes.

I remember her taking us to the store to pick out angels from the Salvation Army Angel Tree at Christmas and shopping together for complete strangers, hoping that our gifts would brighten their day and provide some love and comfort. Helping others was encouraged and compassion was instilled in us.

Just before her untimely death, my mother and I were speaking of my future. I was telling her of all the things I would do in my life and the achievements I would attain to make her proud, which in my 12-year-old mind was what she needed to know before leaving this world. Wise and understanding beyond her years, my mother imparted sage advice to me that day. 

“What’s most important to me is that you have a good heart; that you leave people and places better than you found them.”

Years passed and ultimately, I found myself drawn to non-profit work; which would have been no surprise to my mother. Her words of wisdom were engraved on my memory and in my heart and I circle back to them often when seeking guidance. To my delight, I found a partner in life who enjoys giving of himself as well. Everything from medical missions to his time and energy volunteering at Muir Valley and adopting families at Christmas, Skip has a wonderful heart for helping others.

We knew when we started our journey as entrepreneurs, it was important to us to give back in some way. Our ultimate goal is to create jobs and inspire other start-up businesses in our community; helping to grow and flourish at a grassroots level.

With that in mind, it is our honor and pleasure to announce that we are DONATING our beautiful event space to one lucky non-profit organization to host their event or fundraiser this fall! We are beyond excited to offer this and we hope that this project will gain momentum and continue the pay-it-forward energy.

To apply, just email your organization’s name, mission statement and event details to Our panel of judges will select one lucky winner. If you would like to be a part of our give back initiative and sponsor an event for the winning non-profit, be sure to let us know!

Best of luck and we can’t wait to share more with you in the future!

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