How a permitted venue makes all the difference.


If you’re an adventurous bride or groom that’s looking for a unique venue, then you may want to pay close attention to this post because I’m about to share with you some little known information that could literally make or break your big day. This one detail can ruin your wedding.

As the popularity of farm and barn weddings has exploded across the country, couples are choosing to come to Kentucky to take advantage of all the Bluegrass state has to offer. From quaint farm settings, to sprawling ornate horse barns to spectacular natural scenery, Kentucky has a bit of everything to suit rustic tastes to elegant soirees and everything in between. The possibilities are endless when you consider the multitude of barn venues, farms, vineyards and woodland locations, but before you book, I’ll fill you in on a little secret that will save you tons of stress.

At Hemlock Springs, doing things the right way is very important to us. Hiring competent contractors, ensuring guests’ safety and comfort and not cutting any corners has been at the forefront of our venue project. We have been in the process of obtaining all the proper permissions, permits and certificates for quite sometime now, (much longer than we were initially advised of) and let me tell you, the process has been slow and painful…but not all venues go to this trouble or expense. There are currently venues that are operating without proper permitting or certifications and that puts YOUR wedding day in grave jeopardy.

Some venues across the country have been shut down just days before an unsuspecting couple was to be married; leaving them stranded on one of the most memorable days of their lives. Other venues that have been shut down were unable to refund their couples’ payments creating an even worse situation. Unfortunately, this is beginning to happen more and more often. To be fair, many venue owners are unaware that permits and certifications are required, but that still won’t stop officials from shutting the venue down and potentially ruining your day.

So, how can you protect yourself? Make sure that you’re asking these specific questions of your venue.

  • Are you a permitted venue?
  • Have you passed all final inspections?
  • Do you have a certificate of occupancy?
  • Are you a registered business?

These questions aren’t romantic by any means, and they may seem strange to ask, but they can potentially save you from having your wedding cancelled at the last minute.

The four things you should do to start your wedding planning off right!

You just said ‘yes’, now what?

Your family and friends have been notified, it’s Facebook ‘official’ and you’re using the term fiance because you just got ENGAGED!

It’s an exciting time. You’re both ecstatically in love and practically floating around on cloud nine, until you start thinking about actually planning your wedding. Eeeeek! Where to even begin?!

Here’s a few pointers that will hopefully keep you mellow in the midst of planning.

  1. Start your venue search early. Your venue will set the stage for your entire wedding in many cases. Everything from your dress, to decor, the venue space is important. Make sure you feel comfortable at your chosen venue and you can work with the folks in charge. Ask about insurance, alcohol, required vendors, restrooms, and if children/pets are allowed.
  2. Hire a Planner/Coordinator. I understand that many brides and grooms are on a budget, but a good Planner can actually save you money, time and your sanity. You can hire someone to do full-service planning, to just day-of coordination services and everything in between. Having a professional to help guide you in the process and keep everything together and flowing smoothly so that you, your mate and your mom can enjoy the day is worth every penny!
  3. Attend some bridal shows. This time of the year, there are some amazing expos to check out and often there are deals to be had, free food to sample, giveaways and more! Gather up your girls or guys and make a day of it. A whole day….trust me, you’ll want plenty of time to go through all the booths and collect information (and food). Check out and for two of the larger shows in our area.
  4. Give yourself plenty of time to plan. Remember you don’t have to plan everything in one day. Break it up into chunks so that you don’t get overwhelmed. Remember to relax and spend some quality time with your soon-to-be spouse! Go on dates and try NOT to make any huge decisions with every conversation. Pace yourselves; after all, you’ve got your entire lives ahead of you 🙂